The 22nd International Workshop on Quantitative Musculoskeletal Imaging (QMSKI) is a seamless continuation of the longstanding International Bone Densitometry Workshop that has been running since 1979. The new name is designed to reflect the changing scope of MSK research, and will carry the torch to what has been a fantastically successful workshop that over the past decades has spanned the development of many new technologies and scientific findings related to skeletal health. These specifically include technologies such as SPA/SXA, DPA/DXA/VXA, QCT/vQCT/HRCT, pQCT/HRpQCT, µCT, QUS, MRI/QMR, FEA/µFEA. These applications have been established to measure BMD, BMC, Macrostructure, Microstructure, and Bone Strength, all towards improving the skeletal health of people.


Previous Meetings

Meetings are held every two years rotating between North America, Europe, and Asia. The hosts are scientific leaders in the research community. Scientific discourse is thoughtful and engaging. 

Location Country Year Host
1st San Francisco (USA) 1979 HK Genant
2nd Zuoz (Switzerland) 1981 P Rügsegger
3rd Banff (Canada) 1982 TN Hangartner, TR Overton
4th Fontevraud (France) 1984 AM Laval-Jeantet
5th Bretton Woods (USA) 1985 FS Kaplan
6th Buxton (England) 1987 JE Adams
7th Rancho Mirage (USA) 1989 B Ettinger
8th Bad Reichenhall (W Germany) 1991 D Felsenberg, WA Kalender
9th Traverse City (USA) 1992 DD Cody, BJ Richmond
10th Venezia Lido (Italy) 1994 S Ortolani, ML Bianchi
11th Glenedon Beach (USA) 1995 KG Faulkner, MR McClung
12th Crieff (Scotland) 1997 DM Reid
13th Delavan (USA) 1998 CR Wilson
14th Warnemünde (Germany) 2000 CC Glüer
15th Monterey (USA) 2002 S Majumdar, J Shepherd
16th Annecy (France) 2004 D Hans, P Laugier
17th Kyoto (Japan) 2006 A Itabashi, M Ito, M Fukunaga
18th Pugnochiuso (Italy) 2009 G Guglielmi
19th Breckenridge (USA) 2012 P Miller
20th Hong Kong (Hong Kong) 2014 L Qin, J Griffith
21st Monastery Banz (Germany) 2017 K Engelke, K Raum, T Bäuerle

Annecy, France 2004

Kyoto, Japan 2006

Hong Kong 2014

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